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South-West State University
South-West State University - a leading university in central Russia classic type with a balanced set of natural-scientific, humanitarian, economic service and engineering, developed systems of training and certification of highly qualified personnel, additional vocational education and college preparation programs, the last six years University is one of the best universities in the country. The university focuses considerable scientific potential sold more than 200 educational programs.

South-west State University (formerly known as Kursk State Technical University)was founded in 1964.SWSU is focused on integration of science. education and industry. Over 20 branches of university departments have been set up at the enterprises of Kursk, Zheleznogorsk and Kurchatov cities.

If you travel about five hundred kilometres right south of Moscow you will come to Kursk, an old Russian city with a thousand-years old history. Today more than half a million people live in Kursk.IS it much? Not really for a Russian city. Life here is much of a patriarchal character, it runs quietly without hustle and bustle of a mega polis. Kursk townsfolk are friendly, easy-tempered and open hearted. Many of them are good looking and the local women are reputed to be the most attractive in Russia. Visitors often say of Kursk as a city of parks and gardens. They have every reason for it. Its streets and yards are buried in green shady groves and blooming meadows stretch along the banks of the two rivers, Seim and Tuskar, running through this city. The city of Kursk is a very comfortable place to live in: it has convenient transport links, medical care network, shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and a number of entertainment centres. The drama theatre, the philharmonic society, museums, art galleries, cinemas, libraries, all those and many other things make the city an important cultural centre.

The University acts as reliable partner for a number of foreign universities. Technical University, Brno(Czech Republic; European Institute of Environmental Energy, Herning (Denmark);Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw(Poland);Aarhus Institute(Denmark);Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems(California, the USA);National Research Institute in Computer Science and Automation(France);Institute of Business Administration and Technology, Herning (Denmark);Regensburg University(Denmark).

Kursk Regional Academic Research Center was established on SWSU basis to unite the branches of a number of specialized Russian Academies located in Kursk; Academy of Natural Sciences, Russian Engineering Academy ,International Informatization Academy. The Center coordinates activities of scientists and research organizations located in Central Black Earth Region of Russia and occupied in natural and engineering sciences.

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